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The new publishing brand ANTIDOTE unveils its first spot.


Discover TOPAZ: cutting-edge technology in an innovative design!


"There are brands that are born out of passion or to express creativity, a desire to do well ..." Antidote "was born like that, out of a passion for light, materials, technique and aesthetics. for the successful recipe of a great starred chef you need quality ingredients, a great know-how and a lot of love and passion for what you do. " Florian Vibert

Inspiré de créativité, Florian Vibert a fait renaître une marque déposée en 2010.



Since laughter is the antidote to gloom and boredom, our brand is a real remedy for monotony. Our products allow daring colors and materials.

In 2018, this inspiration materialized in the creation of the brand's very first spot, the TOPAZ. Unique concept, the TOPAZ led spotlight adapts to your desires and your interiors thanks to its magnetic collar fixing system.



  • Choose the color temperature of the LED from our spots available in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K.

  • The flexibility of the colors of the bezels does not alter the color of the lighting.

  • The colored bezels do not distort the atmosphere created: dare to use deco-offset buttons while ensuring quality lighting: IRC 97.

  • The IP44 protection rating allows you to install the TOPAZ spot even in bathrooms!

  • TOPAZ is guaranteed for 5 years.

  • Receive your TOPAZ spot in 24 / 48h throughout France!

  • Install the spots quickly in 3 minutes without tools.

  • Take the time to choose the finish of your collar, you will just have to magnetize it to your spot.

topaz ext ..jpg

Compose according to your desires: custom RAL colors, such as a gold leaf jewel or a marble effect in hydrography ...

"A superb innovation! "

"Excellent concept!"


"It's awesome, you had to think about it! "

"A remarkable idea!"


Antidote Editions presents its products at Maison & Objet in Paris!

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